This page is to show our daily fun and routines around our stud!

We hope you enjoy watching what we do!


Anikka Jag trot AShby water

Anikka enjoying a lovely afternoon having a ride on Jag at our new property in N.S.W.



Anikka and Jag enjoying a day at the beach!


Dash Jimmy scratching

How cute, Dash and Jimmy giving eachother a rub! Jimmy keeps growing and growing!!


Sonny November 2016

Uhavta Nightlife maturing beautifully!
‘Sonny’ has filled out so much and keeps growing taller and taller!

Pictured today after we gave him a lunge.


Jimmy lying

Another photo of our gorgeous Jimmy!


Jimmy 2 weeks

Our gorgeous ‘Jimmy’ now 12 days old and already 11hh!
He is such a gorgeous young man and we hope he keeps growing taller and taller to suit Anikka who is doing the same!!


Sonny Standing A few months

12 week photo shoot of Uhavta Nightlife after arriving at our stables.
Maturing so beautifully!


Sonny neck

Uhavta Nightlife today. We just love how beautifully he is maturing and his gorgeous temperament!


Sonny Stable

The pretty face of now 3 year old, Uhavta Nightlife.

Maturing beautifully!


Wishlist Lunged

Stallion Victoria Tower Wishlist today! Straight out of the paddock and 12 year old Anikka gave him a wash and then lunged him!
Such an amazingly sweet man! We just love him!


Centre Stage 2016

We have leased our gorgeous Mirinda Centre Stage and are very pleased to announce she will be leased to Belinda Mc Donnell in Queensland who has also leased Victoria Tower Summer Serenade!
We think Victoria Tower Summer Serenade is going to think he is seeing things when she steps off the float!!

How exciting - another Sequel, Wishlist, Heirloom, Limelight to come!!


Dash Jessie Kisses

Jessika having kisses with Dash!
Dash is 16.2hh TB and in foal to Victoria Tower Wishlist!


Jessie Missy Walk

Jessika very proud of herself riding off the lead!


Betsy Weaned Standing

Riegal Summer Rain has been weaned and will be going to her ‘other’ home soon with Danyel Riemer.


Milly 15 months

After 15 months of being retired and not ridden once, today 12 year old Anikka saddled Milly up and jumped straight on!

What a good girl Milly is. We were thinking of selling Milly as we thought she’d rather be a pampered competition horse rather than a broodmare but she would be perfect for our young daughter, who is 2 years old, in a couple of years!!


Wishlist foal Cowboy

Colt foal by Victoria Tower Wishlist!
Bred by Sharon Frew.
WOW, he’s maturing beautifully!!


Joey 1 week 2

The beautiful little 'Riegal Candy Man' today!
So unbelievably gorgeous!

Sire - Victoria Tower Summer Serenade and his dam the sensational Radford Lodge Candy Cane!


Betsy 12 weeks headshot_edited-1

Riegal Summer Rain, now 12 weeks old.
Maturing so beautifully.
Victoria Tower Summer Serenade/Kolbeach Tempting


Wishlist b abd w 2

Victoria Tower Wishlist ‘a la naturale’!

Just love this photo of Wishlist. So naturally beautiful.


Anikka and Ruby (Victoria Tower Temptation) two years ago and today!

Ruby Cuddles 2 Years


Jessika having a fun time feeding her pony, Missy!
Thank you to Lynda Riemer for Jessika’s presents of the feed bucket and brushes!

Missy Jess Stable


Anikka and Jessika having their first ride on Missy!
What a good girl Missy is. Works so well for Anikka and looks after little Jessika so well.

Mkssy Anikka homeMissy Jess Anikka home


2 year old filly Victoria Tower Temptation today - starting to loose her Winter coat and looking very gorgeous!

Ruby Headshot 2 Years


The beautiful 16.2hh Princess Jalila this afternoon. Filling out beautifully.
Finished racing in April.
So, so pretty, big mover and the most gorgeous personality! Loves people and being the centre of attention.
Cannot wait to breed with her!



After 3 seasons running with Victoria Tower Summer Serenade, our maiden galloway mare (Beckworth Gypsy Rose by Sufton Romany Lore) appears in foal!!
Rose would trot off every time Serenade jumped up and we never bothered holding her and Serenade never bothered chasing her.
This foal is the first foal we have bred to mature 13.2/13.3hh.
After such a high demand for large ponies by Serenade, we think this foal will be strongly sought after.
Rose's full sister has been officially measured over 14.3hh.
We are so excited, just not sure when Rose is due!!

Rose Pregnant


Kolbeach Tempting has had her foal! A simply beautiful bay filly with the most breathtaking movement.
She has been named Riegal Summer Rain and being retained by Danyel Riemer.
‘Betsy’ is the full sister to Royal Winner Riegal Ballerina who Danyel is showing under saddle this season.

Betsy Day 1Betsy 8 Days


We brought Kolbeach Tempting home from the turnout property as she is due to have her foal shortly!
‘Finn’ is in foal to Victoria Tower Summer Serenade.
The foal will be full sibling to fillies/mares Riegal Ballerina, Riegal Summer Temptation and Victoria Tower Temptation!


Jag Weribee

We took Jag to EV measuring day to have him officially measured. 14.3 1/4hh.
Was such a sunny Winter’s day, we spent the afternoon relaxing and Anikka having a ride around the grounds.



After a big week at the Victorian Interschools, we decided to have a fun lesson at a local Riding Club.
Jag’s favourite jump was the water jump! He loves water so went straight in!


Jag Winter Coat

Jag has had one month off and we were very happy when we took his rugs off! This is his Winter coat!
Although turned out, we still fed him Wonder Horse in his feed once a week. His coat is so shiny and more like a Summer coat!
Thank you once again to Wonder Horse for their ongoing sponsorship of our horses.


Dreamy 8 Days

Pictured here at just 8 days old, little Victoria Tower Dreams of Gold, is now weaned and left for his new home today.
Little Dreamy has been an absolute delight to do anything with! So trusting and accepting of everything new.
We will really miss Dreamy but know he has gone to a wonderful home where he will be totally spoilt!!

Dreamy Anikka BB

We had a bit of a disappointing Friday. Anikka and Jag were entered in the EV Amatuer Show. We were all ready late Friday (Jag was worked, washed, trimmed, car and float ready) and then Jag pulled a shoe! We were unable to have him reshod so we could no longer attend the show.

So instead, we decided to spend Saturday playing with Dreamy (Victoria Tower Dreams of Gold) and having a practice led class!
Pictured here is Anikka and Dreams of Gold - both looking very gorgeous!!

Dreamy weaning

Little Dreamy, Victoria Tower Dreams of Gold, is now weaned and I must say, was one of the easiest foals we have ever weaned!
All Victoria Tower Summer Serenade’s foals are quiet and easy to wean but Dreamy was exceptionally relaxed!
On the first day of weaning, we were able to pat him and when it was time to put his halter on for the first time, he just stood there like he had a halter on before!

Lilly and Dreamy

Victoria Tower Limelight saying ‘good bye’ to Victoria Tower Dreams of Gold :-)
‘Lilly’ is going to her wonderful new home with Sharon Frew tomorrow morning.

Lilly Weaned

Victoria Tower Limelight has been weaned and will be going to her wonderful new home with Sharon Frew in February!

Mares PT

It has been a very hot few days. The mares have chosen the perfect place to stay comfortable!


Victoria Tower Dreams of Gold is maturing beautifully!

Lilly trot

And so is Victoria Tower Limelight!

Jag jumping

No shows this week end for us so Anikka decided to teach Jag to jump!!
He loved it!


The adorable little pally colt now has a name! Victoria Tower Dreams of Gold. Named by his new owners :-)


Anikka enjoying a morning cuddle with her galloway, Jag!