This page shows our daughter, Anikka, riding and competing at Shows and Dressage!

Jag Supreme



2017 has been a big year for us! We moved from Victoria to the North Coast N.S.W. and we had a well earned break from competing!
We returned to competition, however, in the dressage arena, not showing!
And what a fabulous day we had!

Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot competed at T.V.E.G. Dressage and Showjumping Power of Pink Day.
Money raised was to support breast cancer research and everyone was encouraged to wear pink!
It was fantastic. Everywhere you looked everyone was wearing pink!

Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot competed EA Prep C and Prep D and won both tests, under 2 different judges!
Making them Overall Champion!

Thank you to sponsor Elite Products for Anikka’s saddle blanket and cap. They’re gorgeous!

Pictured here is Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot warming up.

Jag dressage


2016 Shows

After returning from the Wimmera Show Circuit, Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot competed at Geelong Royal in the HRCAV Ring.
We did enter the Open ring, however, due to unfortunate circumstances we chose only to attend the HRCAV day.
And we had a lovely day with fantastic friends!

Jag Anikka Royal standing

Anikka and ‘Jag’ competed Level 1 - 2 and placed in every class they entered.
Our highlight being our favourite class - Smartest on Parade!

They were 2nd Smartest on Parade and Reserve Champion All Levels!

Jag trot Geelong Royal


We have not updated the website for sometime!

Anikka has competed at a few Open shows and again, we have really enjoyed ourselves catching up with friends
while enjoying showing our beautiful horses!

Results achieved were:

Jag Horsham trot 2016

Horsham Agricultural Show:

We only entered Uhavta Jackpot in one class at Horsham as his breeders were judging the other rings!
Jag placed 2nd in a huge, very strong class! A magnificent result. People were calling it the Horsham Royal!
Anikka also won her Rider 12 - 14 Years - again in a large, strong class!!


Jag Little River

Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot competed at Little River Pre Royal Open Show.
Anikka was 1st Open Rider 12 - 15 Years and then Reserve Champion Rider 15 Years and Under.
Jag was 1st Large Galloway and Reserve Champion Galloway.
Plus 1st and Reserve Champion Ridden Ridden Part Welsh!

Jess Missy 1st Show

Jessika rode at her first show competing and placing in the Neatest and Cleanest 8 Years and Under!
Pictured here riding afterwards on her gorgeous Missy.


Jag Corio CHamp Trot

Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot at Corio Moorabool EA Show.

Jag was Champion Galloway and Reserve Champion Led Galloway!


Jag Colac HRCAV

Anikka and Jag (Uhavta Jackpot) today at Colac HRCAV Show :-)
We had such a nice day; both Anikka and I commented that we think it was the friendliest show we have ever been to!

Anikka and Jag both went very well, judged by 2 judges in the 1 ring:
1st Level 2 Smartest on Parade and Champion All Levels Smartest on Parade.
1st Ridden Level 2 and Reserve Champion Ridden All Levels.
1st Rider Level 1 or Level 2
1st Best Educated All Levels!

Thank you to judges, volunteers, sponsors and Colac Riding Club.


Jag trot Bannockburn HRCAV

Anikka and Jag (Uhavta Jackpot) competed at Bannockburn Teesdale HRCAV Show
and again we had a fabulous day :-)

Competing Level 2, they won Smartest on Parade, Anikka was 2nd in her rider and Jag was 2nd in his class!!
Such fantastic feedback from the judge; absolutely LOVE receiving feedback!
Thank you to the club, judge and volunteers for such a wonderful show!



We are extremely excited to announce the purchase of Uhavta Nightlife!
‘Sonny’ is by our galloway Uhavta Jackpot’s sire ‘Uhavta Country Charm’ and at
only 2 years old already measures 15hh!!
‘Sonny’ will be broken in later in the year and will be Anikka’s next horse.
We love Jag (Uhavta Jackpot) so much we couldn’t resist buying another one like him, only taller!


Jag Hi Point Winner

What a fabulous day we had today at Hurstbridge HRCAV Autumn Show - Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot Hi Point Winners Level 2!
Highlights included Jag winning Champion Led All Heights, Anikka Reserve Champion Rider Level 1 and 2 plus Jag placing second in Best Educated!
Anikka has taught him to rein back and canter from walk transitions :-)

And to top it off Anikka won a beautiful calendar in the raffle and I won a bottle of champagne!
Thank you so much to sponsors Fletcher's Real Estate, Hurstbridge Saddlery and High Plains Horse Rugs!



 Jag Interschools Derek

Anikka and Jag (Uhavta Jackpot) competed at the Victorian Interschools. Was such a fun day seeing all the families with their children and horses!
Anikka and Jag both looked and worked beautifully placing Top 10 Overall!
So very proud of both Anikka and Jag!


2015 Shows

Jag Anikka Kilmore RC

Anikka and Jag (Uhavta Jackpot) had their very first HRCAV Show today representing Surf Coast Riding Club ; and what a day they had!
Graded Level 2, they were:
1st Smartest on Parade Level 1 or Level 2,
1st Ridden Exhibit Level 1 or Level 2 and
3rd Rider, Level 1 or Level 2!!
So proud of Anikka and Jag!


Anikka and Jag were graded today for H.R.C.A.V.
Graded Level 2 Showing and Level 3 Dressage!


Jag Colac

This weekend, we competed at the Colac Agricultural Show.
Anikka and Jag placed 1st Child’s Large Galloway and 1st Large Galloway and Reserve Champion Galloway!

Anikka also rode Jessika’s shetland pony, Kristamoor Lodge Mystique. What an absolute angel she was!
Placing 2nd Child’s Pony 11hh and Under and also placing 3rd Open and 3rd Ridden Shetland mare!


Jag Geelong

A warm but fun day at Geelong Royal, District day!
Well done Anikka and Jag (Uhavta Jackpot)
2nd Large Galloway and Anikka 2nd in her rider!


Jag Murtoa
Had a wonderful day at Murtoa Agricultural Show.
Under judge Russell Bracken, Anikka won Smartest on Parade 12 - 15 Years and
2nd and Reserve Champion Galloway.

Thank you to Lattanzios Saddlery for sponsoring and Anikka’s Gift Voucher!

Jag Horsham Harley


Jag Newcomb Tinks

What a fabulous day!
We awoke Sunday morning with the arrival of Kolbeach Tempting’s foal - a bay filly! She is exactly the same as her full sister, Riegal Ballerina who Danyel Riemer is showing under saddle this year.
We then competed at Newcomb Pre Royal Show (EV Affiliated) and Anikka was 1st and Reserve Champion Rider 12 - 18 Years
Uhavta Jackpot was 1st and Champion Galloway
AND Victoria Tower Tinkerbell, who we sold when she was a baby, was Supreme Open Led Exhibit!!
Many thanks again to judges, volunteers and Newcomb Whittington Moolap RC for putting on such a fabulous, well run show


Jag Corio

Anikka and Jag competed at the Corio Moorabool Pre Royal Show on the week end and what a wonderful show they had!
Jag was Champion Galloway and Anikka was Champion Rider 12 - 18 Years! Such a huge achievement!
Anikka has only recently turned 12, taking her into the older age group, so competing against the older children and going so well was a wonderful result!
We are so very proud of Anikka :-)


Jag Freshmans

Anikka and Jag competed at their very first Freshman’s Showjumping day on the week end.
What a great, fun day we had!
Anikka has taught Jag to jump, so it was fabulous seeing the two jumping so well and confidently.
They started at 30cm and had two clear rounds, then two clear rounds at 40cm and 50cm.
Tried 60cm and although they did not have a clear round, it was a magnificent effort!


Jag Newcomb Champ

Our first show for the season!
Competing at Newcomb Show, Anikka and Jag were Champion Open Galloway in the first ring.
Another well run show by Newcomb Riding Club. We had such a lovely day and was great catching up with friends :-)


Jag Interschools Show

Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot (Jag) competed at their very first Victorian Interschools Competition and what wonderful week we had!

Competing in the Show Horse section, Anikka placed 4th in her Rider against a very large group of exceptional riders and Top 10 in the Championships!!!

We are so unbelievably proud of Jag and Anikka. Anikka rode beautifully, Jag worked beautifully and did his sensational lengthen trot and both Anikka and Jag were fabulous in the Led, placing Top 10!
One hiccup was the large, flapping tent in the ring for Jag's Ridden which upset him. But never mind, we had a great day and alot of fun.

Jag Interschools Canter

Anikka and Jag also competed in the Dressage division.

Jag Interschools Dressage Trot

This was Jag’s first ever dressage test and Anikka has only done a couple. They did not place but were not far away on points.

Jag loose rein interschools

Lovely photo leaving the arena and Jag receiving a ‘thank you’ pat from Anikka :-)

2014-2015 Show Season.

Jag 1st Reserve Simpson

On Saturday, Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot competed at Heytsbury Show. Another successful and fun day!
We love going to the shows with our friends as we always have so many laughs and such a good time.
The show was run so well and the atmosphere was beautiful. We even stayed for a couple of hours after the horses finished, enjoying the rest of the show.

Anikka and ‘Jag’ won Large Open Galloway and Reserve Champion Galloway,
2nd Smartest on Parade
3rd Rider in a very strong class. There were even so many riders, they split the age group!

Jag Anikka cute Simpson

‘Jag’ pictured here after recognising his paddock/show friend from his last home with Jo and Jack!
Love this photo!

Jag Standing Korumburra

Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot competed on the week end at Korumburra Agricultural Show. Was a great day and a really well run show.
The gentleman on the PA system was fantastic! Kept us updated with the progress of the rings so well.
Anikka and ‘Jag’ won Smartest on Parade 9 - 12 Years and also 1st Large Galloway and Reserve Champion Galloway.

Jag Anikka Korumburra

Anikka and ‘Jag’ waiting for their class at Korumburra Agricultural Show.


Anikka and Uhavta Jackpot competed on Friday at the Melbourne Summer Royal, placing in both their Arabian classes which was a good feat as ‘Jag’ wasn’t himself (not moving forward like he normally does) as he was a little sore from having his feet trimmed the day before. We did not do the Open this year, but we will next year!

Jag RMS trot

Thank you to Angie Rickard for the beautiful photos.

Jag Anikka Champions

Another fun and successful show for Anikka and Jag (Uhavta Jackpot)!
They competed at Drysdale Leopold Show and won Supreme Ridden Exhibit and Anikka won Champion Rider 12 Years and Under!!

DSC08464Jag Anikka Daylesford

Anikka and Jag (Uhavta Jackpot) had another successful and fun day at Daylesford Show.
Anikka was Champion Rider 12 Years and Under and Jag also won his class!

Jag Anikka Champion

Anikka and Jag (Uhavta Jackpot) competed at their very first show together on the weekend and what fabulous results!

Champion Open Galloway in the first ring and Anikka won Reserve Champion Rider 12 Years and Under!

Jag Anikka Canter







Milly and Anikka Dressage trot

Photo credits and artwork throughout this website are credited to Sandy Morphett, Samantha Taylor, Angie Rickard, Bridey Lee, Stacey Bould, Derek O’Leary,,
Cailtlin Ballard, Julie Wilson, Vicki Tapper and Dellwyn Moss.